Plano Chamber of Commerce Elects First Black Woman to Lead Women's Division

From NBC 5, Watch the story here:

Cheryl Jackson has been elected the first Black woman to lead the women’s division of the Plano Chamber of Commerce in their 50-year history.

Jackson has been a community name for years as the founder of the nonprofit Minnie’s Food Pantry. She’s been a member of the Plano Chamber for the last 13 years. While her nonprofit has met the need of so many families across North Texas, she said she felt her calling was to serve more.

“This is a wonderful organization. I felt like this was a chance to use my voice on another platform so that more people can experience what we do for the metroplex. Then, I wanted to put [my] flavor on it. I felt like it would be a win-win,” Jackson said.

This year’s Board of Directors Chair, Emily Zoog, said it was a crowded field of applicants for the top post of the women’s division, but that Jackson stood out.

“We have the nominating committee and it’s all confidential. We also bring in board members in the Chamber as a whole, so that we have a full voice of who the applicants are and who would be the best to serve as the leader of the women’s division,” Zoog said.

Zoog said the women’s division started in 1972 as a support system for the men who were members of the Chamber. She said throughout the decades, there has been a shift in their role. It’s no longer just a support system, but rather women paving their own way, professionally and personally.

“It was the supportive arm. They were supposed to be the support for their husbands and that group of men that were the leaders in our community. Now, it's such a powerful alliance of women who share experiences and goals. Women who serve as role models and mentors, providing a big network for other women,” Zoog said.

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