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Jumpstart Your Sales - March 5, 2019
Ask Questions, Handle Objections & Close the Deal!

Tired of struggling to make your sales goals?  

This mini course focuses on the most important sales skills: asking good questions, handling objections and closing the sale.  While anyone can learn what questions to ask, this course focuses on how to ask questions in a way that will get your customers to open up and introduces a proven, step-by-step professional sales questioning technique that can be put into action immediately, in any sales situation.

At the close of the course you will know how to:

  • Ask questions that identify the customer's problems. 
  • Delve deeper into the customer's needs to reveal specific areas of difficulty or dissatisfaction.
  • Direct questions towards a solution/product/service you have.
  • Point your questions towards the consequences, implications, or effect of the buyer's problem.
  • Magnify the customer's problems to the point where the customer feels a need to solve them.
  • Handle the different sales objections more effectively and confidently.
  • Understand nine different techniques that can be used to close the sale.

Customers buy because they have needs. If there's no need, there's no sale. A big part of being a professional sales person is to identify, develop and satisfy the needs of your customers. The clearer you make their needs, the more likely you will hit the nail on the head and make a sale. How do needs start? They begin as problems or dissatisfactions your customer feels. To develop those problems into needs, you have to ask the right questions.

In addition to powerful questioning, we will also cover the basics of properly handling sales objections and closing the sale. You will learn a simple objections handling model that enables you to deal with objections more confidently and professionally including the most common objection, “Price”. You will also learn nine different sales closing techniques that will help you close sales more confidently, increase you closing rate and achieve financial objectives.

Your investment:  Register by February 19 and pay only $167. After February 19, your investment increases to $197

Use coupon code CHAMBER (before 2/19) or CHAMBERG (after 2/20) to get your 15% Chamber discount.

Stop struggling! Attend this three-hour course and learn how to confidently reach your sales goals.

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